Literally - Transform Your LIFE!

You can reduce your stress.  Brain Body Energy Centre are here to personally help you on your journey. Take the first step now - don't wait any longer.  Personal Leadership is essential to be able to navigate our ever increasing hectic and toxic environment. 

Our emotions follow us everywhere - but you don't have to be ruled by them. We have worked with thousands of people and specialise in the difficult problems. You will receive individual specialised, personal attention, a 1/1 session or a personalised program and plan to suite you. 

We are Certified in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Heartmath Coaching and a combined total of over 30 years of experience in Life and Business Coaching.

We have helped people from all walks and different stages in life.  From individuals,  professionals, couples and families. Helping you to; get back your confidence, overcome adversities and setbacks,  recover from injury, separation, loss and many of life's challenges. 

Our aim is to help you resolve what is blocking you to live a life that you love and achieve your goals sooner. 


Professionalism & Experience

Are financial or work burdens becoming too much? We are professionally trained and have the tools, processes and knowledge to help you to create more of what you want at work, business, relationships, health, or family.  To re-vitalise your life.

We have helped  people in businesses and have worked with  some of Australia's top 100 companies and families throughout the country and internationally.

Stop procrastinating and find greater and new ways to create more sustainable vitality, peace, personal power and enjoy life more. 


Anxiety Can Be Disastrous - Stop The Vicious Cycle & Love Life Again

Anxiety and stress can be debilitating. It can stop people from living and working, create more pain and sickness  and addictive behaviours - making life unbearable. We can help you or your family create a healthier lifestyle and provide the support, understanding, and direction that you so painfully need.


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Isolation, Depression & Addictions - Solutions


Constant pressures, time restraints and a modern lifestyle can cause overwhelming havoc for families. Learning how to empower yourself and support and lead your family  through  life's seemingly constant struggles is essential. We can help  and support you to get to the root of the problems. We can  offer  a variety of solutions and strategies and constructive advice to help unblock the barriers to reach a deeper understanding, greater communication and help you and your loved ones to live their full potential. Great Leadership at home or work is something that can be learnt. 

Take Control & Create A Greater Future


Life is precious. Mindfulness, Meditation and Hypnotherapy are all medically proven powerful tools to help you to  re-align your life to realize  that you can have more of what you want. and life does not have to be a constant struggle. Don't let your mind wander - take control and take back your personal power now! 

Prioritize - You Come First!


You Come First - Stop suffering unnecessasrily and don't wait any longer! Give yourself that best opportunity to enjoy life and have more success. Find the professional solutions, techniques and tools that you need to maximise your true potential for greater vitality and more freedom to do what you want and what you desire.



Why Brain Body Energy Centre Works?

Fears are natural, but  they can sometimes rule our lives and stop us from truly living our greatest potential.  At BBEC we can help you to build deeper mind, body, neuro & energy connections, feel more motivated, and work through your fears. Learn to release blame and sadness and create more of  a life you love  and enjoy  with less stress and suffering.


What Kind Of Commitment Do I Need To Make?

Every client is different -  Some get instant results, and others require more attention. Everyone has specific needs. A personalised plan and commitment is key and essential for you to attain your individual goals. You are guaranteed a personalised approach .


How Do We Get Started?

THE FIRST STEP - CALL 044 777 0011 and give yourself the opportunity to have a life that you enjoy, desire and where you can thrive. We look forward to hearing from you soon.