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Modern society and its stressors are basically debilitating our energy. We at Brain Body Energy Centre exist to help people to counteract and deal with these dilemmas and become the greatest version of themselves at home and at work. 

We utilise the latest strategic, medically driven, holistic approaches to help you to create the personal and professional energy, vitality  and power you are looking for.

Reducing stress now is imperative in today's increasingly toxic society, and at Brain Body Energy Centre we personally specialise in building healthier and more resilient Leaders. From the individual seeking help with work, relationships, family or building your business to the corporate Executive.  

Leadership takes on many forms, from the busy parent, to the corporate director. We approach Leadership from a personal  perspective - everyone needs to lead their own lives and personal leadership is imperative for every human being. Our aim is to help you to align and connect your behaviour, thoughts, vitality - body mind and energies - converting your resources, ideas and money into tangible results simpler.

Over 20 years we have developed new Computational Energy Coaching Analysis tools and processes, focusing on your Magnetising Informational Intelligence (MII) We focus on assisting you in a variety of ways including helping you align your breathing, body and awareness and utilise medically proven techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Mediation, and NLP, Business and Life Coaching as well as the new 'Olluminating'. 

BBEC are here for busy men and women to help you succeed not only faster, but to stay more resilient longer.

Stop suffering. Find strategic powerful solutions to get you through these difficult times.  We have worked with thousands of people on issues ranging from relationships, anger,  sadness, separation, job loss, anxiety, depression, PTSD, work, children, family, addictions, weight loss, pain, legal and financial hassles and more. Helping you to personally relieve many of modern life's overwhelming burdens.

You may not want anyone else to know you are suffering, but talking and releasing can often create a greater space for change and transformation.  In fact, you don't even have to talk, you can simply work through the issues and energetically release.

Providing proven individual personalised 1/1 Sessions and Retreats for busy people who want more direction or who are struggling with persistent stubborn pain or health issues.

We also specialise in workshops, training and employee assistant programs and for professionals and business owners who need better sleep and more vitality to juggle increasingly busy schedules and lifestyles.

Contact us now and start living a life you desire and deserve!  Personal, Confidential and Private. 


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Brain Body Energy Centre (BBEC)  can significantly assist  you to deal with and overcome many of life's problems faster and help you to maintain greater resilience.  Allowing you to move forward simpler, with more joy, money, productivity and peace and create more personal vitality and success in your life.

Your brain, body and your energies are unique to you. BBEC can help you to create a physical, mind and energy connection that helps support your needs, your wants and your lifestyle.

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Life is full of opportunities, and it is our job to help you figure out how to overcome your personal, work or business problems and with more ease. Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you and free yourself of pain and frustration and live the life you want. Home & Office Appointments can be arranged.



 Your thinking, breathing,  vibrations, moving, being  and your energies all create your behaviour, your lifestyle and your outcomes.  We help you to unlock and find new ways to create deeper and greater sustainable wellness.  Identify why you can't move on, remove the barriers  and find greater more longer lasting solutions to overcome your problems and have greater peace, energy and vitality now.